Hope Youth


Hope Youth is our environment for 5th-8th Grades

What to Expect at Hope Youth:

Hope Youth welcomes kids from 5th through 8th grades to join in this middle-school tailored interactive curriculum.  Hope Youth currently meets 2 Sundays each month during our 11:30am service.  For more information please contact Donal (donal@hopechurchnyc.org).

On Sundays, you can check in your child on the first floor of the building. Our Host Team will sign you up whether you're visiting or you'd like to enroll your child. After check-in, head on upstairs to the worship gathering with your middle schooler for the beginning of the service. We encourage our families to worship together for the first part of the day (15-20min), then during the greeting time kids are invited to come to our youth classroom for a curriculum tailored for them.

Hope Youth uses a curriculum called What's Up?.   Through a combination of prayer, engaging objectives, fun activities, interactive learning, and application we hope your kids will have meaningful experience in which they can know and grow closer to Jesus.

Our hope is that every one of our youth will come to love Jesus, and through this relationship come to know themselves as well.  We hope your children will leave every Hope Youth class excited about Jesus, their relationship with Him, and the way he designed them for a greater purpose.