About Us



Hope astoria exists to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus and a community of faith.

“…those whose hope is in his unfailing love.” - Psalm 33:18


There are five different ways we hope to function as a vibrant church community


Sunday Gatherings

A place where we come together as an entire community to celebrate life and faith through communion, prayer, music, art, and hearing stories from the Bible. This is also an opportunity for youth and children to connect in a larger setting.

Prayer And Worship Gatherings

Times for extended corporate worship and prayer where we enjoy pressing into God's presence together and expect God will meet us powerfully.

small Groups

Small groups of 5-12 people that meet in homes and eat, converse about matters of faith, and pray. 

Connecting & Learning Gatherings

Events and classes where we connect as a community and learn about Christian faith and practice.

Missional Communities

Groups who serve the needs of communities outside of Hope Church NYC.



Our culture consists of seven main values that we strive to live from and through




Authenticity begins when we embrace our common humanity and brokenness. Community results as we honestly and lovingly share who we are with one another.


Because God gave each of us a different story to live, we find beauty in our diversity, whether cultural, ethnic, gender, or socio-economic. By embracing our common humanity and brokenness, we find that our differences, instead of dividing, only strengthen the vibrancy of our community and faith.


We want to share the good news of Jesus Christ through our words and actions whenever possible. We believe starting new churches can make an impact locally and new churches are places where relationships can be nurtured into authentic growing communities.


We continually seek to deepen our relationships with God and with one another, because this is where we believe true life and transformation happens.


We want to celebrate life as often and as loudly as possible. We love that Jesus was the king of dinner parties, and we want to be a community that is known for the fun we contribute to the world.


We hold a belief that God is at work to heal and renew the world that He created to be good. Our own lives are part of God's renewal process, and God invites us into the work of making all things new. We do this by pursuing justice, engaging in social and cultural renewal, and being committed to prayer for the flourishing of New York City.



We long to be a counter-cultural community that is marked by radical generosity in everything we do. Whether it’s with our time, talents, or treasures, we want to reflect this value in all our relationships, including with the under-resourced.



we affirm the essential beliefs of Christian faith as expressed through the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed.  Central to our beliefs are the following:


the centrality of the word of God

the necessity of the new birth

a commitment to the whole mission of the church

the church as a fellowship of believers

a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit

the reality of freedom in Christ