Small Groups

Small Groups are the life of our church. They are great spaces to connect with others and grow spiritually in small communities that are typically 5-12 people. Each group meets for approximately two hours and commonly the time is spent eating, talking about our faith, and praying. For more information about a particular small group, please email the group's listed contact.  For general questions about small groups, please contact



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Astoria Ditmars Group

When: (On break during Jul & Aug) Tuesdays (1st & 3rd), 7:30 pm
Where: 31st St. & 23rd Ave. Near the Astoria Ditmars stop (N/W)
Led by: Brendan & Yohanna
Contact Yohanna:

Central Astoria Women's Bible Study

When: (On summer break) Every Thursday night, 7:30pm
Where: Broadway & 29th Street
Description: Bible Study and tea. We are currently going through the book of Hebrews. This group draws women from both Hope Astoria Church and Astoria Community Church. 
Led by: Tay Rosko & Rainy Day
Contact Tay:

FAMILY Sunday Group

When: (On break during Jul and Aug) Sundays at 10am (1x/mth on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Meets during first service.)
Where: At church in the first floor Conference Room
Description: This group has been particularly convenient for many Hope Astoria parents, however it’s open to one and all!

Forest Hills Group

When: (On break during Jul & Aug) Tuesdays (every other week), 7:30 pm
Where: 102nd St. & 67th Ave.  2 blocks from 67th Ave stop (M/R)
Led by: Kahn & Denise
Contact Denise:

Inductive Bible Study SUNDAY Group

When: Sundays at 11:30am (1x/month on the 1st Sunday of the month)
Where: At church, first floor Conference Room
Description: Inductive Bible study involves 3 steps: observation (what does it say?), interpretation (what does it mean?), & application (what does it mean for my life?). Please RSVP as materials are provided.
Led by: Megan
Contact Megan:

Queensboro Plaza / LIC PRAYER Group

When: Wednesdays (2nd & 4th), 7:00 pm
Where: 41st Avenue & 23rd Street. Near Queensboro Plaza stop (7/N/W) and Queensbridge stop (F).
Description: For anyone who wants to pray or to develop their prayer life in community with others for yourself, the church, the neighborhood, and the city. The group will be more of a 'hands on' time of prayer, with some preliminary intro. Topics of prayer will vary.
Led by: Sonal & Grace
Contact Sonal and Grace: and

Southeast Astoria Group

When: (On break during Jul & Aug) Thursdays (every other week), 7:30pm
Where: 42nd St near 34th Ave. Two blocks from Steinway St. stop (M/R)
Led by: Luke & Becca
Contact Becca:


When: (On break during Jul & Aug) Tuesday mornings (2nd & 4th), 8am-9am
Where: Panera Bread, 3801 35th Ave. (btw 38th St. & Steinway St.)
Description: Prayerful engagement with scripture (lectio divina)
Led by: Doug
Contact Doug:


Woodside Group

When: (On break during Jul & Aug) Mondays (1st & 3rd), 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: 52nd St. btw Skillman & 39th Ave. Near the 52nd St. stop (7)
Led by: Shay, Stephen, and Sharon
Contact Stephen: