Do For One

A future where the world is intelligently aware of the issues that people with disabilities face and a surge of radical personal action that addresses those issues.

Our mission is to bring dignity and hope to people with disabilities through the power of relationships.




Relationships - What a life changing difference it makes for all of us when we know someone is looking out for us, and loves to be with us. It is not a natural occurrence that people with disabilities develop freely given relationships. By selectively matching one person with disabilities, in need of guidance, companionship, or advocacy (“partner”), with a person who enjoys the ordinary privileges of life (“advocate”), we form life-changing relationships sustained through education and community support.

Community - Community is a place where people can discover, grow, and heal. People who are in community also share common interests, resources, and connections. Those living without community are often left to wasted time and potential, doing things the least efficient and most expensive way. Do For One hosts social gatherings such as movie and game nights, karaoke nights and picnics. Participation and assistance with events are a great first step for those interested in getting involved.

Education - In order to bridge the gap between Human Service groups and interested voluntary advocates with little experience, Do For One leads trainings and workshops to help both parties understand the purpose of the mission and practical ways of working with each other.


Imago Dei - Everyone has significance and everyone deserves the chance to grow to their fullest potential. People with disabilities deserve to be represented with dignity as to reverse stigma and avoid negative stereotypes.

Subsidiarity - Personal care is more important and sustainable than institutional care.

Belonging - People with disabilities – as much as anyone – need families and community that provide trust, security, and mutual affection. People with and without disabilities need each other, and without being paid for it, period.