Hope Justice

Our Mission

To Restore Hope in our community by mobilizing through God’s initiative to seek Justice & Peace in the City

Our Vision

To wake up in a community that cultivates more of God’s shalom for Queens NY. To go to sleep in a community where more injustice is not welcomed, where more of the poor are enriched, where more oppressed are liberated, where more of the vulnerable are protected and where more hate is enlightened with love.


In September 2018, Hope Astoria gathered a group of diverse women and men who share the passion for pursuing justice in Queens. They understood justice as ‘loving our neighbor,’ not just on an individual level,  but on a community scale as well. The call from scriptures rang loud and clear: “Learn to do right, seek justice and defend the oppressed…” Isaiah 1:17 “ …to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8. 

Seeing the heart of God in scripture, they realized that justice is one of the greatest demonstrations of love to impede the kingdom of darkness and flourish light in the community. Jesus set the ultimate example of this. They started on their journey to follow this great example and answer the call. 

In hopes to serve Astoria and the Queens community effectively, their first objective was to create a space of dialogue with fellow neighbors to hear clearly the issues impacting them. Through a series of Community Town halls, they’re hoping to check the pulse of the heart of the community to serve, advocate, and share in the solution.



Get Involved

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Current Initiatives

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community town hal

Join us in an open dialogue to identify issues affecting families in our community, and offer your perspective to help find solutions together. We believe every voice matters. We need to hear your voice! We seek to provide a safe space and platform, free of judgment and open to conversation, where members of the Astoria community can come together and share what’s on their hearts.